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Now Download Videos From Youtube, Google, Yahoo & MySpace


MyTubePlayer will let you download videos from Youtube, Google, Yahoo and MySpace, save it and play it later while you offline. Just install it, copy and paste the video link into text box. After download click on video title to play it. Now MyTubePlayer supports playlists and operations with standalone FLV files.




BrowserCap a simple tool that will capture any long web pages, blog or news pages in a single image or pdf document.

This useful utility with its capability will capture almost any long web pages as single images or as pdf document. The indigenous tool will completely store the whole web page of lengthy web pages like; blog or news pages as a single image or pdf document. The simple and handy interface of the tool will help you print a webpage exactly as the Internet Explorer shows it. This multi-utility tool allows to quickly and conveniently converting any image or text document into a pdf document. The other functions of the tool allow in making extension for Mozilla Firefox and allow you to simply capture a website from Firefox. This powerful tool enhanced with a simple interface has been made after an extensive user end research.

This must have tool for solving all your problems concerned with web page storing is comfortable with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

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Crossword Power

crossword puzzle

Create multiple crossword puzzles from your vocabulary words and clues. Vocabulary words and clues are entered once, and saved for future use. Then automatically print out up to 30 unique puzzles from each list. Combine word lists for review. Many optional features: optional help letters, fit to one page, open or rectangular grid, help letters, and spell checker. Also create sudoku puzzles. Great for teachers.


Convert Images To Icon

Create graphics with your favorite painting program, and then convert them into icon files with this program. You can also convert icon files into different images. The program supports BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, and RAS. You can change the dimensions and the color depths of the images when you convert them. You can also set pixels to transparent, or if the image has a color depth of 32 BPP (Windows XP icon format), you can set an alpha value for each pixel.
The program has its own menu in the right mouse button menu in Windows Explorer. There you can easily convert images from ICO, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAS, TGA to ICO, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAS, TGA.

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ShowIP is a freeware application which simply does what it’s name says,
it shows you your IP-address. You can copy the IP to the clipboard and
share it with others. ShowIP can also be minimized to the tray and still
being active, showing you your local hostname and IP. ShowIP works very
well even with firewalls/routers installed. ShowIP notifies you when
your IP changes.