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Leopard vs. Vista


Mac or PC? Leopard or Vista? If you’re in the market for a new computer, the choices may seem endless and limiting all at once.

New Macs generally cost several hundred dollars more than Windows machines that have similar specs, but Mac fans swear the difference is worth the cost for security and ease of use. Plus BootCamp, included with Leopard, can also run Windows. However, die-hard Windows devotees insist that their less-expensive systems can run more applications and are more customizable, especially for business purposes.

Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard touts more than 300 new features. Microsoft didn’t advertise as many changes to Windows Vista, which also introduced new eye candy and under-the-hood changes.

The links provide a rundown of the features offered by each OS.

Leopard vs. Vista: Feature chart showdown

Leopard vs. Vista 


Setup A Wireless Network Without A Router

Wireless networks are helpful because they let you use your computer and connect to the Internet anywhere in your home or office. However, most wireless networks use a wireless router, which can be expensive. If you have more than one computer, you can set up a wireless network without buying a wireless router and save yourself some money.

Setup A Wireless Network Without A Router

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Speedup Windows XP in Minutes!


It’s not always wise to upgrade your hardware every time you feel your computer is getting slow. Here are some easy tricks to get most out of your hardware (Originally posted in

1. Disable extra startup programs
Several items add up to the start up list when you install different software. Such programs are loaded when your system boots and remain in memory (RAM), they also consume processor power. Here are is what you have to do to make them go away:

Goto Start>Run
Type “msconfig”, without quotations
Hit enter key or click the OK button
A window will show up you have to click the startup tab, as shown in the figure    
In the Startup tab you will see several boxes and some of them will selected (checked). All you have to do is to uncheck extra items that are of no use. If you run and antivirus program it is not recommended to uncheck it.
After making you choices press the OK button, you will be prompted to restart computer to apply changes.
After you restart you computer a dialogue will be displayed you can choose not to show this dialogue every time you restart.

2. Disable Extra Services
From the menu opened by msconfig command there is also another tab for Services. Click it and check “Hide All Microsoft Services” option. This option will display you list of third party services. Uncheck the services that are not undesirable. As usual you have to reboot to apply the changes on startup.

3. Adjust Display Settings
XP has a very cool looking user interface, but it consumes a certain amount of memory. To make it a little lightweight you have to:

Right click My Computer and select Properties
Click the Advanced tab
Go to Performance>Settings (have to click settings button in the performance section)
Uncheck all except:
        Use visual styles on windows and buttons
        Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
        Show translucent selection rectangle
        Show shadows under mouse pointer
        Show shadows under menus
Finally click Apply and OK

4. Remove Widgets and Background
Different third party widgets and visual styles like for Vista like look and feel make your system slow. If you remove such packages you system will perform better on CPU and memory intensive tasks. Selecting default and no wallpaper as background also gives better performance than that of heavy wallpapers.  

5. Folder Browsing
When you try to browse folder Windows XP automatically searches for printer and network files. This is a performance overhead. To fix this you have to follow  following steps:

Open My Computer
Click Tools>Folder Options
Select the View tab and unselect the check box for Automatically search for network folders and printers
Click Apply then OK and finally reboot to apply the change.  

Vista Transformation Pack 6.0


At last, Vista Transformation Pack has finally come out! Despite the name Vista, you´ll get whole new update and more functions. Get the awesome Vista look today!
Vista Transformation Pack will give to your Windows XP system the new and cool look of Microsoft´s future operating system: Windows Vista. The pack changes most of the system icons, skins and toolbars and also adds new enhancements to your desktop such as a dock bar or a different system tray clock.

Well, this is another very big update. In this release, you´ll get bunches of stuff you´ve never seen before in this pack such as Windows Media Player skins, WindowBlinds skin, new stuffs, etc. And bugs found are all fixed with 5270 additions.


Added 2 Vista 5270 visual styles
Aero Style (Glass – Beta 2)
Aero Style (Vista – Beta 2)
Added 2 Vista Media Player skins
Windows Media Player 11 (
WMP11 (MaStErHaCk)
Added 2 Vista screensavers
Added 8 new Vista wallpapers from build 5270
Added Vista (Beta 2) stuffs such as – login, icons, progress dialog, start button, toolbar, icons, Added WindowBlinds glass skin, Corrected some Vista icons (Printers and Search)
Fixed annoying cached files in harddisk source (such as i386, servicepackfiles, etc.)
Fixed file extraction buffer error (some files that might be lost on some machines)
Fixed Glass2k uninstallation bug
Fixed unattended transformation issues on unattended installation (Works only on First-Run transformation mode)
Removed “Aero Style (Glass – 51xx)” since it´s similar to Beta 2 ones
Updated ToolBar style settings
Updated Vista Beta 1 progress buttons
Updated visual styles
Fixed TreeExpandCollapse transparency bug
Renamed “Aero Style (52xx)” to “Aero Style (Beta 2)”
Fixed CaptionButton background bugs in Vista visual styles
-Fixed Compact StartPanel bugs in Aero Style (Vista – Beta 1) visual style
Updated ListviewHeader image to new Vista ones
Updated Logoff/Shutdown button position in Beta 2 series
Updated new 5270 stuffs to Beta 2 series
Updated some improved elements in Beta 1 serires
Updated Tabitem images to ones used in IE7 in Beta 2 series

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Vista Cracked – Microsoft In Trouble

Microsoft definitely does not need this…Just after two weeks & after a rather successful launch (that did, however, have its own problems), it has become clear that a crack is available to home users & for business users that will exploit Vista’s features and allow pirates to use the system for free.

Vista cracked by Paradox 2007