How would you define Advertising?

The dictionary meaning for Advertising is – The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media. It is hard to find anyone or any culture unaffected by advertising. Advertising knows no boundaries and helps to reach out to everyone. It is a huge industry
which provides maximum amount of liberty in terms of stretching your creative strands….the nature of this profession is very dynamic, turbulent, ever changing with the market…and sometimes changing the market itself!!… Effective advertising gives you the opportunity to promote your products and services in the best possible way. And with new Medias and technologies, it makes it even more useful.

What does it take to be in the advertising profession?

Advertising is a very broad term, it covers a lot of other professions like copywriting, visualizing, photography, illustrations, web design, art direction, client servicing etc…and all of these combined together give u a wholesome package called advertising. The primary requirement is to have a natural bend towards creativity to be in such a profession. Qualification would be secondary. It surely helps in brushing up the skills and helps the individual to choose the best suited creative field under the Advertising umbrella.

What education path should one take to make a career in this field, especially copywriting?

There are many institutes in India as well as abroad which provide courses in the filed of Advertising. There are courses for advertising as a whole as well as for specific fields like Copywriting, web design, illustrations, photography, marketing, etc. For copywriting, one needs to have a natural flair for writing. Along with it, capability to understand the requirement of the client and the potential to put it in right words is of utmost importance. One also needs to be constantly in touch with the ever changing and ever advancing competition in the market. One must understand that gaining the attention of your audience plays a crucial role for effective copywriting. An efficient copywriter must know the art of tailoring the copy to suite different market niches.

Out of creative field, copy writing and the art direction field, which of them has the best scope for career growth?

For a creative person, it is very difficult to choose one field. Copywriting and art direction are two different fields but go parallel to each other. Both have equal growth potential. One needs to be dedicated to achieve maximum levels of growth in both the professions.

Which is your personal favorite advertisement and why?
Currently, the mentos ad campaign with the tag line – ” dimag kibatti jalao” is my favorite. It is very young and fresh. It Targetsthe right audience in a very interesting manner. Moreover the copy goes perfect with the visual which makes it easy to understand.

(post ur answers in the comment section)

Article written by Kanchan Gokhale


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