24th January – No Petrol Day!


Petrol in Pakistan Rs 17 per litre
Malaysia Rs 18 per litre

In India it’s 51 per litre

Why this difference in Asia itself? World Market CRUDE OIL is not the reason for this. It’s all Gain for private owners. It has been calculated that if everyone did not purchase a drop of petrol for one day and all at the same time, the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles.

At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss over 4.6 billion dollars which affects the bottom lines of the oil companies. Therefore “24th january ” has been formally declared “stick it up their behind “day and the people of this nation should not buy a single drop of petrol that day.

Remember one thing, not only is the price of petrol going up but at the same time airlines are forced to raise their prices, trucking companies are forced to raise their prices which affects prices on everything that is shipped. things like food, clothing, building supplies medical supplies etc. who pays in the end? we do!
We can make a difference.if they don’t get the message after one day, we will do it again and again. so do your part and spread the word. forward this email to everyone you know. mark your calendars and make 24 january a day that the citizens say “enough is enough”.


2 comments so far

  1. nekhrun on

    lets do it.

  2. hym on

    if we can open flyovers without VIPs, we can do this too.

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