How To Install Linux Applications In OS X


A tutorial which will help you in installing Linux Programs in OS X. Click on the link below – How to install Linux Apps in OS X

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  1. You can get the free Linux OS (operating system) running on a computer system by booting Linux from a Linux installation CD (or DVD) and installing Linux. And you can also run Linux by booting a system from a Linux live CD / DVD.
    Once you get Linux running, you can learn how to use Linux and get lo…

  2. Jim on

    One question- The Linux Wallpaper is AWESOME! You wouldnt happen to have the Wallpaper without the “Think Linux” ? I would love it with just the penguin inside the apple! Thanks!

  3. frogger3140 on

    hi. this is of funny da linux n apple paper lolol! tux racer!!! ok! this is getting very random!!!

  4. frogger3140 on

    hey ur wallpaper is soooooo funny

  5. frogger3140 on

    <—very random

  6. Install Software on

    Hi there.
    Great installation help…thanks, fixed my problem.
    Anyone reading this guys stuff should bookmark it.

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