Award Winning Ads

Here are some Award Winning Ads (Click image to enlarge)

image001.jpgSave Trees—Tree Saves!

The Cancer Society of Finland …… (Look closer, the whole layout is made of thousands of cigarattes!)

image004.jpg An ad for karate school!

image005.jpg Power of Milk!

image007.jpg Clean messaging!

image008.jpg Big Bazar Women’s Day Celebrations……. They have gone…. what about you???????

image002.jpg Advertisement of the Year………. Fevicol !!!!!!


6 comments so far

  1. mahesh on

    wowwwwwwww….great adds

  2. Anupama on

    very innovative

  3. Prasanna das on

    these ADs can make a big difference…………

  4. Chien on

    HI there, i really like the save trees. trees save ad, but i wanna know where it is from because i have to analyze it for my assignment, does anybody know? or tell me anything about it ?

    thank you very much

  5. guest on

    not that much great ads. creative advertisements are not that much easy as this. power of milk – finger marks in glass, beyond reality, north and north pole attracts – fevicol,stupid concept

  6. Black & Blank on

    Fevicol is very good, in the power of milk i think cup should be ss or metal

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