Force windows to load the kernel in memory (very effective tweak for windows XP)

The best tweak for windows

1) Open the regedit tool (Start -> Run -> regedit.exe)
2) Use the navigation in the left and go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
3) Double click the DisablePagingExecutive attribute, and put 1 in the decimal value field. This will make the drivers and the XP kernel run in memory.
4) Double click the LargeSystemCache attribute, and put 1 in the decimal value field
This will improve performance of the kernel
5) Double click the IOPageLockLimit attribute. On some later versions of windows XP that doesn't exists, so if this is the case you're done. Otherwise you have to put to the hex value : 4000 for pcs with 128 mb ram, 10000 for 256 mb ram and if you have more put 40000. This value specifies how many bytes can be used for I/O operations in your system.

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  1. MT on

    LargeSystenCache and IOPageLockLimit are both Myths:

  2. […] Force windows to load the kernel in memory (very effective tweak for windows XP) […]

  3. jacob on

    I did this a few weeks ago and this ended up nearly bricking my computer. Took me 4 hours to track down the problem.

  4. Samuel on

    Disabling the Page file is also a myth, by allowing the system to put RAM contents to the HD it ensures stability when RAM is exceeded, but this is not a regular operation.

    So if LargeSystenCache and IOPageLockLimit are also both myths, then this entire tweak is ineffective and dangerous.

  5. Larry Miller on

    If these are the best I would hate to see the worst.

    DisablePagingExecutive: If you have adequate RAM this setting will do essentially nothing. Otherwise it will likely impair performance.

    LargeSystemCache: This has nothing to do with kernel performance. As well documented by Microsoft this is for servers ONLY. In other cases it will almost always impair performance. It is dangerous with some common hardware configurations.

    IOPageLockLimit: As of Windows 2000 SP1 this setting is no longer supported. Forget about it.

    Windows manages memory very well on it’s own without amateurish tinkering. Except in very specific situations it is best left alone.

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA

  6. acnegradvb on

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