Build a Complete PHP Application in 3 Clicks

Most PHP frameworks claim a massive amount of productivity, but when it comes to delivery, the only thing you get delivered is more pizza as you spend many hours trying to learn how the framework works. Introducing the all new ATK Code Generator. An application built for the PHP Framework, ATK, that allows developers to create PHP applications in tree clicks, without any coding at all.

Developers can spend their time creating robust database schema and feed it to the ATK Code Generator to see instant web applications customized for the schema. Something that used to take months to create, has been cut to minutes and instant results.

The ATK Code Generator takes advantage of most of the extensible features that the ATK Framework offers. To create an application of one or infinitely many database tables, the user is walked through the following three step process by a wizard web interface:

1.View available database tables and select the ones an application should be created for
2.Customize the specific options(including relationships) for each table/node by simply clicking a check box or radio button. Most default options will work very well out of the box.
3.Command the ATK Code Generator to build the application by simply clicking on a button.

View Screenshots –
atk_code_generator_all_tables.gif atk_code_generator_nodes_new_050206.gif

Once the application is built, it will automatically appear in the ATK menu and it can be ran right away. The generated code is structured so that the developer can easily modify it for further customization. Now developers can really claim productivity and feel right about it!

To download ATK Code Generator press >> ATK Code Generator

To learn more about the ATK Framework press >> Download


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