IE7 Vrs Mozilla’s Firefox


Microsoft gives another reason to try IE7 beta……

In the last few years Micrsoft has stood by and witnessed its more than 95% market share in the browser market being eroded by FireFox to a relatively lowely 86%. With a plethora of high profile bugs being exposed in the ageing Internet Explorer 6, as well as the increased prevalence of adware and spyware permiating the internet, large swathes of Internet users made the switch to Mozilla's Firefox. But Microsoft is apparently fighting back, rushing forward its(beta) release of IE7 to try and stem the tide of users switching to alternative and seemingly more secure browsers.

This move forward with IE7, which will incorporate many new security and browsing features which werent in IE6, is a sure sign from Microsoft that its ready to fight for its position thats its worked hard to establish and has maintained for the best part of a decade. Yet the release of IE7 may not be the Firefox killer Microsoft hope, with Firefox 2.0 already going through several beta tests of it all.

Hopefully the companies will all work hard and the real winners will be the users who can enjoy the Internet, without worries about security.

To download IE7 press >> IE7

To download Mozilla's Firefox 2.0 press >> Firefox 2.0

To download Mozilla's Firefox press >> Firefox


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