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I would like to highlight an important issue pertaining to BSNL braodband subscribers. BSNL is following an incorrect procedure for billing its broadband subscribers. I was over-billed in the month of February and March. We all know that BSNL offers free downloads between 0200 and 0800 hrs.Surprisingly they do not bill you for the actual time of download, even if you schedule your downloads for between those time points. If you stay online for 24hrs, they will charge you for 24hrs.

Say i log in at 0000 on Monday and log out at 0000 Tuesday. I schedule my downloads for six hrs(0200 to 0800). I download 240mb in those six hrs. BSNL says only 240/24*6 = 60mb is free , & charge you for 180mb. This is shocking, and if this were the US or any other country, it would have resulted in a class action suit. This method must be netting them crores of revenue from unaware, innocent and policy abiding customers. This needs to be stopped, and necessary actions must be taken.

Your feedback is welcome.

Note: Article posted in Digit Magzine regarding the same.

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  1. kanchan on

    hi…its good to see the efforts you put in to bring the govt blunders on surface…good job …thanks for the info…

  2. anupam barve on

    bulls eye dude!
    the same thing happened to me last year….and what more…they bill me for my brdbnd usage for the months of jul-aug-sept in the month of february and say that it is not legally binding on them to give me bills every month!!!

    and i am very meticulous about downloading between 2 nd 8 ….but similarly to u, i connect at 0000 hrs and disc at 10 in the morn…and they charge me!!! and none of the people at the phones know any damn about brdbnd tech. or there is know one at their offices who can assisst you…and they just argue or hang up or stop attending ur calls.

  3. cale on

    Great job guys… Thank for you work… 

  4. spear on

    looking for information and found it at this great site.

  5. Chetan™ on

    You are doing the EXCELLENT job man
    Just keep going.
    We are with U.
    F***k BSNL we will support U .

  6. ton on

    Here are some BSNL dataone – Username & Passwords…….
    All are freshly Hacked and 100% works—–

    Download the list :-

    Just download the file and see the usernames and passes !

  7. Alex black hat on

    very nice tips, useful for me,
    please check the following
    sites which help for rapidshare download

  8. kiran on

    ton send the file to me that have BSNL dataone – Username & Passwords……. on

  9. Nikhil on

    Hi there….
    ive been through this fuss long time back and now i think the bsnl ppl wont rectify their systems’ errors!

    but at the same time….i have a suggestion….. if they r charging us this way…the loss is ours!so v better find a way to avoid this……and mind not talkin bout cribbing and filing law suits against em!
    wt if u schedule ur broadband to CONNECT AT 0200hrs and DISCONNECT AT 0800hrs??
    im doin it!…and everynight,my usage is upto 2.5GB.
    If u have a scheduler software…like i use solway’s task scheduler…….in it…u can specify the command line parameters for RASDIAL.EXE file present in WINDOWS\system32\ ….this file is executed everytime v connect to the broadband!so pass the connection name ,username and password as command line parameters and voila!! BSNL is now connected at 100.00 mbps!
    here’s the general syntax:

    the command prompt wud luk like….
    To Connect

    C:\WINDOWS\system32> rasdial BSNL [username] [password]

    To Disconnect
    C:\WINDOWS\system32>rasdial BSNL /DISCONNECT

    P.S: here the connection name for me is BSNL…it maybe something else for others!
    ask me if u have any queries!
    Solway’s Task Scheduler can be downloaded from softpedia…its a freeware worth a few kbs!
    Enjoy downloading!

  10. SUJA on

    can this b explained in detail.
    I have dwnlded the scheduler but, dint understand to configure it.

  11. tlwii on

    Good site!!!

  12. Nitin Sethi on

    goo job duse

  13. SM on

    why don’t we put forward this thing on

  14. Nikhil on

    There’s no need to configure the scheduler!all you need to do is to install and add new tasks by clicking the + button i suppose!
    give the path of exe in the source file field and ur broadband connection name and password in the extra parameters field(in case of scheduling the connection) and /disconnect in case of disconnecting the connection……specifying the time and routine rnt need to be explained i guess!

    Any further queries?

  15. punkmonk on

    da passwords and usernames dont work

  16. ADITYA on

    Can u please describe this scheduler more briefly and can u tell me some ‘sites’ where i can find this ‘scheduler software’.Frankly speaking recently i have tried to hack this bsnl broadband.This include the software ‘angry ip scanner’ and by this,i find their username and password and also its connect with their username and password but whatever i am downloading is coming to my account, no use of hacking.I am using bsnl broadband home 250 plan,it has 1GB free.But i am a western muzikmaniac,so i have to download a lot.Also my broadband speed is too slow during downloading. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!HELP!HELP!HELP!!!!!!!!

  17. tp on

    its all bigblunders written over here,,, ,, bsnl dont do such things as described above,, even i use the same 2mb/s home plan wer 2-8 am is free. nothing happens for me,, coz i start my downloads exactly at 2:15 am,,and stops at 8:05 am,,, i downloads 6 gb /day,, and u people are telling that if we dnt disconnect the modem it will be charged for the whole day,, bullshit,, only problem with bsnl billing is if we start the download at 1:59 am then the circle will goes till 2:19 am,, this will not be added in ur free hours,,, so better start after 2:05 am,,, the best sheduling software is “auto power on shutdown-pc zenthusiaser” ,,ull get the downloads at thepiratebay .org

  18. SuperSonic on

    I totally agree with 361degrees. BSNL according to me is Broadband Suckers and Niggers Limited. It has found an evil way to earn income. The broadband speed and quality sucks. Also they bill just too much. I got 11000Rs bill on my first month. I want revenge for this. I want some free usernames/passwords. And we also need to sign on at or I WANT REVENGE!
    P.S.- If you find any working passwords that have not been revealed to anyone else, pls send them at supersonic_ht [at] msn [dot] com. I wont change the passwords and Ill be very thankful.

  19. Anurag Prasad on

    hey guys i am need a username and a password .please send at

  20. sonu007 on

    Dear ton ….the password and username that u have hacked presently that is not working..please post some another hacked password..thnx

  21. andysidhu on

    the password & username ,u have posted r not working ,dude .please post some more

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